iWMS is a total “Warehouse Management System” using leading edge warehouse management concepts, streamlining pro-cesses to move inventory faster and store more efficiently. iWMS software directs the picking, replenish-ment and put-away process, dramatically increase staff productivity, reduced inventory and labour costs, improve inventory control, and reduce warehouse space requirement significantly.


  • Automated inventory receipt and put-away.
  • Real time Inventory update.
  • Hand-held interface.
  • Integration with bar coding technologies.
  • Integration of business software for order downloading and DO uploading.

System Layout


Benefits & Advantages

Improve Productivity and
Systematic store and retrieve inventory
increasing the speed of processing,
eliminating receiving, picking
and put-away errors.
Reduce Order Turn-
around Time
Reduce cycle time for large orders
using coordinated team picking.
Increase picking efficiency by system
schedule route.
Improve Inventory Accuracy
Increase picking accuracy by integration
of bar coding technologies.
Increase storage efficiency
Increase available warehouse space by
more organized stocking location.
Improve Customer Relationship
Prompt and efficient feedback on status
of each order and accurate knowledge of
available stock increase the trust and
confident of Customer.
Improve Transparency
By provide diversified all-embracing
report, each and every activity in the
warehouse can be tracked, reported,
monitored and consequently con-trolled.

Optional Accessories

These are the Optional Accessories that are included in the package that we offer:
Label Printer (Model-TSC-243)
(Durability & versatility combined.)
Size: 23cm (W) x 28cm (L) x 15cm (H)
(almost same size as shoe box)
Barcode Scanner- Honeywell 9590
Handheld Terminal- Motorola MC3100
SSM: 927308-T
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