imSalesAssistPro is an application which link to Autocount Accounting software ( GST Software ). Function inside the app is Customer, Collection , Stock item, Take order and Cash sales. It is cheaper app to help business grow further.


  • Can check the customer detail like address, phone number, fax. The important is can know how much customer owing you (Customer Aging).
  • Direct key in chq or cash, direct upload to office.
  • Can do Cash sales, immediacy print out Tax Invoice after customer make payment.
  • From stock item, you can know price, stock balance, when customer want to order, You can check the price, stock balance.

Why We Want Use This

  • How fast your customer can get the stock? From the time you submit your order, office can process your order immediacy.
  • Increase the sales person productivity.
  • Reduce data entry clerk work load, if you have 40 sales person, how many data entry clerk you need hire?
  • You still using hand writing tax invoice? Is it compliant to GST?
Our target customer is who have many sales person and want to reduce the cost of employment.
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