Veterinary Information System (VETiS) is build specifically for veterinarians to manage their daily operation and resources in a best way so that it will boost their business to the most optimum and make their life easier.
The complete workflow of the entire vet operation at a glance starting from the reception to patient calling to drug dispensary to even billing make your practice more efficient and manageable.


Queuing System To show patients progress from check-in, calling for examination, dispensing until billing.
Pet Medical History Quickly retrieve medical history for previous visits.
Prescription Labels Drugs label printing with instruction.
Appointment List Efficient appointment arrangement with time slot allotments function.
Hospitalization List Easy reservations and prices may determine by weight or by cage size.
Vaccination List Quickly retrieve vaccination history and the future vaccination date with reminder.
Stock Control List low level stock and PO can be issue instantly.
  • Patient Registration & Photo by Webcam.
  • Put to Waiting Queue.
  • Room Setup.
  • Soft calling Patient.
  • Collect Bill & lock into Cash Drawer.
  • Generate Invoice & Receipt.
  • Dispense Drug from indicated location.
  • Generate Drug Label or Instruction.
  • Stock Level Control.
Consultation Room
Doctor Room 1
  • View Past Consultation Details.
  • Retrieve Medical Record.
  • Prescription & Billing & Add Charges.
Doctor Room 2
  • Handle Emergency Case.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Perform Procedure.
  • Prescription & Billing & Add Charges.
Data Storage
  • SQL Server Daily Auto Back-up.
  • Generate end-of day transactions report.
  • Generate appointment report.
  • Generate Invoices, certificates, receipts and estimates statement.
  • Administration or User Control.

Benefits & Advantages

Long Term Cost and Time Saving
Reduce the cost of printing and searching time for messy Patient’s Card.
Space Saving
All the patients record will be saved in the server. Easily access patient, transaction or appointment histories.
Reduce Workload
Allow select drugs Ingredient or Generic Name and pre input dosage.
Operation at a Glance
System able to show number of patients in queue, examination, waiting for drugs collection, billing and appointment.
Reduce Administration Errors
Allow generate label by pre-define instructions and different languages. To prevent handwriting error.
Better Cash Control
Provide immediate daily, monthly or yearly clinic collection figure. Itemize price for every dispensed drugs, procedures, operation, consultant and etc. Billing as per pre-define selling price.
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