GPiS is a Total "Clinic" Management Software which provide a Immediate Platform to Help Doctor Manage Daily Operation & Resources.It is a very simple system that have been perfected by our technician and will work wonder for any clinic that chose to use it.Contact us now or arrange for a demo today, our customer service will attend to you in a moment.


  Simple to Use  
  The system is build simple and easy. Simple.  
  Integrating old system with the new one with no hassle. We will send our technician to install the total system to your your clinic within a day.  
  User friendly interface will not be a hassle to use for anyone.  
  Experience the smooth operating system after the system is implemented and you will be amazed by the result.  
  System Layout  
  How does our system works? Click on the image below and understand our system more.  


Using our software will give you a whole new experience that will be fresh and simple. The software provide many advantages to your business management and will surely boost your sales.
Feeling troubled by all the management you need to do in your clinic? We care for your needs and build this system. Take a look at GPiS and worry no more... What advantages does the system provide after it is implemented into your clinic? Below is a list of the advantages:
Long Term Cost Saving
Cards and others printing
materials for the labels can
be save.
Space Saving
All the patients record will be save in the computer and cupboard space will be reduce and use for other purpose.
Reduce Administration Errors
Cutting repeated job like
label writing.
Reduce Doctor's WorkLoad
More time to patient examination
and communication.
Better Cash Control
Cashier will enjoy the function of POS whether collection and amount of money return is calculated by computer.
Promote Clinic Image
Improving of Clinic's efficiency and
gain patient's trust.


Find out what GPiS can do that will benefits your business. Each of this is build specifically to enhance your clinic performance to the optimum. Try out our new products now. Below are some of the benefits that will surely boost your management experience to the height. experience a whole new world by implememnting this system into your clinic. Get your demo of this system today! Dont wait anymore, contact us at our online customer helpline.
Patient's Records Maintenance & Treatment History
Safe keep & immediate retrieve the moment patient step in.
Drugs Dispensary Aids
Allow doctor select drugs by MIMS class or drug's ingredient or Generic Name and pre-input dosage. Ex: paracetamol.
Stocks or Purchase Management
Records different drugs storage location and automatically alert when stock level low. Provide last purchase price or bonus as well.
Sales Collection
Provide immediate daily, monthly or yearly clinic collection figure by total or individual doctor.
Patient Traffic Flow Control
System able to shown number of patients in queue, examination, waiting for drugs collection, billing and appointment.
Itemise price for every dispensed drugs, procedures, operation, consultant and etc. Bill by doctor's pre-define selling price.
Pill or Syrup Label Printing
Allow generate label by pre-define instructions and different languages. To prevent nurse handwriting error.

Optional Accessories

These are the Optional Accessories that are included in the package that we offer:
Label Printer (Model-TSC-243)
(Durability & versatility combined.)
Size: 23cm (W) x 28cm (L) x 15cm (H)
(almost same size as shoe box)
Cash Drawer (Model:EM-425 RS232)
4 Bills & Coins Beige (Metal Casing Command by PC & Master Key)
Size: 40cm (W) x 43CM (L) x 10cm (H)
Customer Display
(Model : VFD 660 20X2 Rows)
Fascinating and Slim Customer Display
Normal PC WebCam 400X400-16K
SSM: 927308-T
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