Pharmis is a Pharmacy POS Management Software (POS System) which provide a Immediate Platform to Help Pharmacist Manage Daily Operation & Resources.Pharmacy POS include a series of functions that helps to improve sales and inventory management. Below is a list of the functions:
  • System Layout
  • POS (Point of sales)
  • Sales (GST Ready)
  • Prescriptionr
  • Touch Screen Cashier
  • Dual Display (Digital Gondola)
  • Stock/Inventory
  • Inventory ( Expiry and Batch Control )
  • Manage Product Image
  • Manage Daily Sales
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Customer History
  • Membership
  • Patient’s Biodata and Charting
  • Customer Tracking and Reporting
  • Technical
  • Real Time Data Protection (RAID)
  • Support Chinese Character
  • On Line Support


Pharmis featured functions include this dual dis-play functions which allowed a second LCD screen to display the item, price, discount and oth-er sales info to the customer view so that the cus-tomer are in-formed on the sales procedure. This will make the customer feels that the sales going is secure and feel at ease when they are buying their medicine. While on the other hand the cashier will be provid-ed with a touch screen LCD that is easy to use and perform great. With the touch LCD screen, sales can be done much faster.


Find out what Pharmis can do that will benefits your business. Each of this is build specifically to enhance your Pharmacy performance to the optimum. Try out our new software now...
Below are some of the benefits that will surely boost your management experience to the height. experience a whole new world by implememnting this system into your pharmacy. Get your demo of this software today! Dont wait anymore, contact us at our online customer helpline.
Long Term Saving
Save cost on label printing and member cards.
Time Saving
Stock check and drug storage can be manage more efficiently.
Mass Mailing & SMS
Able to send mass mail & sms to customer to inform on special occasion.
Built Customer Trust
Prompt and efficient POS system will increase the confident of Customer and trust pharmacy completely.

Optional Accessories

These are the Optional Accessories that are included in the package that we offer for POS System :
Label Printer (Model-TSC-243)
(Durability & versatility combined.)
Size: 23cm (W) x 28cm (L) x 15cm (H)
(almost same size as shoe box)
Cash Drawer (Model:EM-425 RS232)
4 Bills & Coins Beige (Metal Casing Command by PC & Master Key)
Size: 40cm (W) x 43CM (L) x 10cm (H)
Customer Display
(Model : VFD 660 20X2 Rows)
Fascinating and Slim Customer Display
Normal PC WebCam 400X400-16K
SSM: 927308-T
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